About Us

AAPCH is a national organisation of key agencies in Australia & New Zealand providing early parenting services using both centre based residential and community outreach models of care and support.

It also has an international focus with New Zealand being a full member. Although there is some variation of how services are provided across member agencies, all:

  • are unique services that are family centred
  • are committed to the delivery of improved health and social outcomes for the family and the child
  • focus on families facing complex issues – focusing on vulnerable families and children
  • deliver services that are family-centred and strength based
  • have a strong child health emphasis
  • use a systematic ecological model
  • provide support at the secondary and tertiary levels of care
  • are multi/trans-disciplinary and team based to effectively support families – main disciplines of nursing, social work, medical and psychology
  • work with socially and culturally diverse communities and clients
  • are evidence based in practice and building evidence to support a practice
  • undertake research to contribute to the body of knowledge relating to early parenting issues
  • collaboration members have existing relationships which will enable the broader partnership to quickly develop and strengthen

Together member agencies provide support to an estimated 300,000 + Australian & New Zealand families a year.

Board of Directors

Ms Grainne O’LoughlinPresident 
Mr Robert MillsTreasurer 
Ms Fiona BeermierSecretary
Ms Cathy MarronMember
Ms Kirsty EvansMember